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High quality products with extra cleaning efficiency. Outstanding price value for money.

Ultra Extra Strong Degreaser 750ml
Suitable for ovens, grills, stoves, pots, pans , vent hoods, ceramic surfaces, etc . It removes burnt grease and grime.

Ultra Extra Strong Mildew Remover 500ml
Liquid product used for treating chlorine -resistant surfaces. Suitable for tiles, walls bathroom floor, kitchen wood surfaces and for furniture to remove mildew.

Ultra Extra Strong Drain Opener 1000ml
Dissolves the organic remains of dirt, soap in kitchen, bathroom drain pipes and traps. Eliminates blockage in drains and provides free water flow. Helps against unpleasant odors. It can be used to prevent blockage.

Ultra Extra Strong Scale Remover 500ml
Suitable for the fast removal of lime scale and rust without scrubbing. Excellent for chrome, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic and glass surfaces for cleaning.


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