Ultra Daisy

Due to its unique formula, Ultra Daisy dishwashing liquid actively dissolves fat, effectively removes food stains and neutralizes odors. It contains vitamins and glycerin which protect the skin during use.

Ultra Daisy Intensive dishwashing liquids 500ml
Glossy surface. Suitable for porcelain, ceramic , glass, plastic, wood, metal surfaces. Extremely intensive effect

Ultra Daisy Hypoallergenic dishwashing liquid 500ml
Composition of the Ultra Daisy dishwashing liquid causes the least possible irritating effect on the skin of people with sensitive skin. It is suitable for cleaning china, ceramics, glass, plastics, wood and metal tableware.

Ultra Daisy All in 1 Dishwashing tablets
Phosphate-free dishwashing tablet. Millions of power molecules provide excellent result, removing all the dirt during washing without pre-soaking.  All-in one formula: detergent, rinse aid, soaking and salt functions.

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