Sano Maxima Washing Powder

Maxima Laundry Powder 2kg:
Maximum Cleaning, Maximum Fragrance
Sano Maxima’s advanced technology- microcapsules lock in fragrance and release it slowly – combines powerful cleaning with intense fragrance. Unique combination of enzymes and detergents powerfully removes stains. For long-lasting, perfumed laundry.
Available: Baby, Mountain Fresh, Spring Flowers

Sano Maxima Washing Powder 1,25kg:
Sano Maxima laundry detergents are produced with the most advanced technologies to provide a diverse range of solutions for your laundry needs. All Maxima laundry powders include stain removal components, are designed to protect fibers and colors, are suitable for all types of fabrics and washing machines.
Maxima Javel Effect – antibacterial, excellent for stubborn stain removal
Maxima Bio – ideal for low temperature
Maxima Sensitive – designed for laundry of babies and those with sensitive skin
Maxima Advance – Concentrated washing powder with active oxygen for stubborn stains

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