HUGGIES Elite Soft Overnite pants

In Huggies Elite Soft Overnights Pants, the soft, gentle design of Elite soft is combined with the practicality of overnight pant diapers. The diaper is easily put on the baby just like underwear, and the diaper fits the baby’s body perfectly. The soft elastic 2-zones waistband and the flexible and soft legband result in a comfortable and excellent fit. Elite Soft overnight pants have enchanced absorbent layer and a highly absorbent core that safely locks in the liquid during the entire night. The moisture indicator strip changes color when the innre core is saturated.

The diaper can be easily opened and removed from our little one along the perforation on the sides. Tested by dermatologists. Does not contain fragrance or parabens. With the help of the fixing tape, it can be hygienically packed after use. Huggies is our most popular premium-quality diaper brand.

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