Star of Bombay

Slowly distilled. Sublimely beautiful.

Craft process
Star of bombay is slow distilled in small, single batches. by slowing down the vapour infusion process, the botanicals’ essential oils are extracted more thoroughly. The result is an extraordinarily smooth, rich and complex taste experience.

Botanicals and flavour experience
We use 12 botanicals, including bergamot from sicily and ambrette seeds from ecuador. these harmonise beautifully with our signature botanicals, bringing a spicy citrus burst and floral muskiness, and creating smooth layers of lingering flavour with a long, complex finish.

Additional details
This beautiful london dry gin has been a long time in the making. Personally handcrafted at our laverstoke mill distillery by nik fordham, the 47.5% abv enhances the flavours, making this complex gin smooth enough to enjoy neat, over ice.

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