Pötyi Classic sweeteners are cyclamate and saccharine based products, are available with new appearance both for diabetics and to those who pay attention for their health.

Pötyi sweeteners are on the Hungarian market for more than 15 years, therefore the brand and the products are well-known and beloved by the customers.

Cyclamate and saccharine based Pötyi 650 and 1200 tablets are mainly offered for preparing hot drinks. 1 Pötyi tablet’s sweetening power is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of sugar (5g). The sweetening power of 7 drops of Pötyi is equivalent to 1 coffee spoon of sugar.

The cyclamate and saccharin based sweetener powder makes cooking easier, but also ideal choice instead of sugar for fruits or cereals. The 1 spoon of sweetening power is equivalent to 1 spoon of sugar


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