Otard VSOP

BARON OTARD Cognacs are renowned for their character and elegant style, giving smoothness, balance, a long finish and floral flavour particularly due to the long ageing of the finest vintages in outstanding cellars, and to the experience of our Cellar Master who takes very special care in selecting the very best eaux-de-vie before laying them down to age in the cellars of the Chateau.

This blend of the finest growths is aged in French oak barrels producing discreet touches of tannin. The balanced roundness of BARON OTARD VS does not take long to release the intense, fruity aromas of vine flowers. The initial taste on the palate is full but balance and elegance predominate. The colour is golden yellow.

This is ideal for cocktails and aperitifs. BARON OTARD VS can be used in a wide variety of mixtures. Try it with tonic, on the rocks, with orange juice or a splash of soda.

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