Martini Prosecco

Onwards to the village of Prosecco, where sun-cracked foothills are lined with the Glera grape. Ripened in this ideal climate, the Glera reaches our bottle with a stimulating fragrance of apple, fruits and thyme that cuts the continental heat.
In 1905, the Piedmont Federico Martinotti developed the fermentation in autoclave. This innovative technique allowed the production of Asti – starting from the ‘mosto’ – and second fermentation of Prosecco wines. This enhances the flavor notes of the two varieties, revealing their full potential – especially in the bottle.
Since 2009, an appellation has protected the integrity and quality of the Prosecco region. Only wines made from grapes grown in its prized vineyards in the east of Italy can claim its hallowed name. MARTINI® Prosecco is one of those coveted few world ambassadors of this fully Italian wine.
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