The story of Dewar’s whisky begun in 1846 in the city of the scotch Perth. Two brothers, John Alexander Dewar and Tommy Dewar, grew up in a family of whisky makers. They both shared one goal: how to make the finest whisky and spread the word of Dewar’s. During their lifetimes, the Dewar brothers managed to turn their father’s modest spirits business into a famous brand all over the world.
The result of Master Blender Tom Aitken’s extensive search for true taste perfection, Dewar’s 12 uses only 12 year old whiskies of the highest quality, producing a superior, smooth, and perfectly balanced whisky. The culmination of over a century and a half of whisky making, it draws its rich flavour from a unique double aging process and has a full, fruity nose, reminiscent of sultanas, raisins and Scottish heater.
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