About us

The company’s strategy is to cover all needs of producers represented by DunaPro in terms of sales, trade, margeting and logistics, furthermore by using synegies in between manufacturers and brands, ensuring a sufficient distribution system.

DunaPro covers the entire retail net; CBA, COOP, REÁL, multinationals, independent traders, wholesalers, HoReCa. Our On Trade Team ensures a countrywise cover, while also having personal relationship with more than 2000 shops on the Hungarian market. Listedness of our brands has a very wide range and thanks to our continuous promotional activity all brands representetd by us are constantly reinforced in their popularity and sales results.

Our company is market leader in several segments; bleach, dishwashing liquid, shampoo, sweeteners, alcohol. Due to our very experienced Brand Managers we are able to perform succesfull brand building while due to our centralised logistical operation a smooth supply is ensured for all our products to reach its customers.

We are a stabile and growing organisation which thanks to its achievements can continuously reinforce its market position by distributing more and more new brands.

DunaPro is the largest privately owned distribution company in Hungary, its yearly turnover is around 6 billion HUF.

DunaPro was founded in 1992 and became the first full-service distributor company in Hungary.