Huggies Ultra Comfort Diapers

Huggies baby care products are available for 50 years. By now the name of the brand is equal to premium quality. The creative, innovative, modern and unique solutions helped Huggies to be the most popular baby-care brand all around the world, and this position is guaranteed by the continuous market researches in order to satisfy consumer needs. In the product range we can find diapers, swimmers, pull ups and wet wipes.

Wet wipes contain 65% natural fibers, and 95% water to ensure real softness and cotton-touch feeling. It is a perfect protection against skin irritation and diaper-rash.

Huggies products are alcohol and paraben-free so they can be used for infants, as well.

The various types of diapers provide safety at every age of the babies. The innovative and unique solutions like wetness indicator, flexible sides, breathable outer cover and the excellent absorbency provide maximum comfort for every baby.

Product range