Martini sparkling wines

The steep and sun-drenched hills in the heart of Piemont are an ideal growing environment and a habitat that would enable Moscato to become one of the world’s most famous wines. The cool, fresh sensation of a glass of MARTINI® Asti, with its fragrance and low alcohol content, always allows the freedom of another toast.
MARTINI®’s original sparkling wine. Produced from the aromatic Moscato Bianco grape grown in the unique climate of Asti in the Piemont region. Delicious after dinner as a sweet conclusion to the evening.

Onwards to the village of Prosecco, where sun-cracked foothills are lined with the Glera grape. Ripened in this ideal climate, the Glera reaches our bottle with a stimulating fragrance of apple, fruits and thyme that cuts the continental heat.
In 1905, the Piedmont Federico Martinotti developed the fermentation in autoclave. This innovative technique allowed the production of Asti – starting from the ‘mosto’ – and second fermentation of Prosecco wines. This enhances the flavor notes of the two varieties, revealing their full potential – especially in the bottle.
Since 2009, an appellation has protected the integrity and quality of the Prosecco region. Only wines made from grapes grown in its prized vineyards in the east of Italy can claim its hallowed name. MARTINI® Prosecco is one of those coveted few world ambassadors of this fully Italian wine.

Capturing the essence of our freshly-plucked grapes is an everlasting quest. Glera and Chardonnay varieties are pressed into this classic sparkling. Let flutes be filled with dry notes of pear and chase apple-scented bubbles into the night. Salute.
From the rich soil of the Veneto-Friulli region rise the vines that bear the grapes that make our Brut. Tradition is strong. Most bunches continue to be picked by hand, using the same ancestral techniques of their forefathers.

Elegance, born from MARTINI® and the hands of winemakers who masterfully managed to create a pearl in shades of pink. This Demi-Sec sparkling wine, with an enticing aroma and delicate notes of raspberry and wild rose, proves an excellent aperitif, or for a picnic with friends.
An alliance of elegance. Pleasantly aromatic fresh berries and delicate floral notes framed by a slight sweetness and a balanced acidity, born between the exuberance of the ‘mosto’ and the liveliness of wines.
The winding inclines of Piedmont are where the Italian tradition of ‘Spumante’ (sparkling) winemaking first began in the 1850s. Barely accessible by machinery, the majority of land continues to be cultivated by masterful hands.


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